Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday update.

Thank you for the "welcome homes" . It is nice to feel like someone noticesd when one has gone "missing"
The daily grind has set in. My big project for today was to vaccume and clean out the car. I thought I might not be able to do it as it has been raining (in August!) off and on since yesterday afternoon, but there was a break and I trundled my new "dustsucker" outside and cleaned up the car. It feels good to have it done- I have to admitt that:
1. The car is 2 years old and has never been vaccumed before.
2. It has to go in for an overdue inspection on Wednesday.
3. Michael and the kids took the two back seats out to take stuff to the dump - so it was easy to do the back.

Just so that no one gets the mistaken idea that I am a clever and tidy person who ,like my neighbor, cleans her car every weekend! It always impresses me but I just can't get into it.

I have rearranged my teaching schedual to better fit my needs and my least favorite student quit- I was obviously his least favorite tutor- so I am pretty happy with that situation.

We don't know when Michael will be home from the Congo so I am not thrillled with that situation ,but I can't change it so I am doing my best to ignore it.

I am going to try and write a little bit about our vacation in each of my mails for a while as I didn't manage to write much while I was away. Alexander turned 16 on July 3rd and my Mom threw a pool party for him. It was a great day with cake, swimming, presents, and a BBQ. These partys are always fun and interesting as my Mom invites peple that we havent seen in a while. I have a picture of Alexander blowing out his candles for this post but I can't find it so I am going to post this with picture to follow!


Von said...

Glad you got a break in the weather to clean the car a little. I think you'll get a little smug feeling when you get in the car for awhile. :D
I will admit that I clean my car almost every week. But only because when we bought the car last year, my dh got me a card with unlimited express washes thru the automatic car wash, and they have free vacuums. So I go thru the wash, then vacuum and finish drying off and do a quick dusting inside too. If I had to drag a vacuum outside and then use the hose to wash - that would be a once or twice a year job, lol! I've never had such a clean car and I love it! Just don't peek inside my house. :D

Barbara said...

Only someone who is deranged could manage to clean their car every weekend! I wait till the stuff starts falling out the open doors, and then I reluctantly get a trash bag out. Vaccuuming is only for special occassions, like selling the car. LOL

Barbara said...

Oops. Should've read Von's post before I shot my mouth off!

Von, I don't think you're deranged!! I'm just trying to justify my car-cleaning laziness!