Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Promised Photos

Here are the photos I have been promising. 5 charts which I paid a total of 6 Euros for. Three colors of Zweigart at 10 Euros a meter- I love a good deal! ANd the start of my Peacock Cypher from Just Nan.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Trying to get something finished

I am addicted to big projects- I have a number of them started. I am not even sure how many. A number of Chatelaine's , Blue Ribbon Sampler, A Long Dog, a 12 month series of flower samplers and my neighborhood RR- of course. The problem with this is that finishes are few and far between. I need some positive reenforcement here. So, on Sunday, instead of working on one of the above mentioned projects, I started a new one. Make sense? I bought the silk, beads and charm for Just Nan's Peacock Cypher while I was in California this summer, but not the fabric. My fabric purchase on Saturday provided me with a nice piece of Zwigart for this project. Just Nan's always seem to go fast. With each band you have a little feeling of success and this chart only calls for 4 different flosses- all shades of turquoise. The only difficult bit is that there is some one over. It is going pretty fast exept that the frog was visiting yesterday and I had to pick out about half of what I stitched :-( I still hope to have this finished in a couple of weeks and be able to frame it and hang it up. It would give me a feeling of acomplishment and help me get along with my BAPS. I will try and post a photo tomorrow along with a photo of the stash I bought on Saturday.I am way tooo tired tonight, as I just ironed a stack of shirts for the boys- eeeeeee. Not my idea of fun.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yesterday I decided to bake bread. I do this about once a month as I am allergic to wheat. I bake a "white" spelt loaf . This lasts about a week and a half. The rest of the time, if I want bread, I eat pumpernickle or a similar "schwartz" bread or I just don't eat bread. I put the dough into the bread pan and set it in front of the heater for the second rise. The next time I went into the kitchen, the empty bread pan and the dishcloth I had used to cover it where on the floor. Where was the bread dough, you ask. Inside the dog, I answer. This was the bad. The dog had diarrhoea all evening and a couple of time in the night. Anyone surprised? I think not. This was the ugly.
The good though was very good . Patricks report card was very acceptable. Alexander Skiped a grade. When he left school on Friday he was a 10th grader and when he goes back on Monday , he is an 11th grader. Very nice. My childeren are so smart, attractive and wonderful- and I don't just say that because I am their mother ;-)
Then today, I went to a new LNS. New for me anyway. My friend Dani asked me if I wanted to go with her to a LNS sale at a store she used to shop a quite often. She had moved and the store was too far for her to visit often, but off we went. I didn't buy too much, mainly because the store was so full. I did get a few charts though. One "prarie schooler" and a couple of others with little animals and lighthouses. Also I got three really good sized pieces of Zweigert" linen for 10 Euros the meter. A great price. I have plans for two pieces already, One is going to be a wall hanging with applique, SRE, stitching, and beads. It is in the Lena this month. You can order a kit but they wanted over 100 Euros for it. I think, with the Linen ony having cost me 10 Euros and the floss, beads and silk ribbon that I have in my stash I can get away with spending a lot less.
I just have to the bits of print fabric and iron on stiffener and some linen floss. I would love to have this done for Valentines day., but I will need to go to the quilting store for the prints and they have wierd opening times. Am going to try though!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rachael needs

Saw this over on Barbara's blog. You just "google" your name and needs and see what comes up. Rachael is not that commen of a name so a lot of what came up where repeats but what was there was quite good.
Rachael needs to learn to accept things even if she does not like them –
Rachael needs a late night dessert snack
Rachael's needs are simple
Rachael needs to check withGulfstream or Cessna about danger zones for the engine.
But to wake up with warm feet, this is what Rachael needs (Don't know if this counts but it's true)
Rachae lneeds boobs - BADLY. (Actually I don't, but I thought it was funny)
Rachael needs to realize that she's got some things damn easy.
Rachael needs a new icon.
Rachael needs a total of £20000
Rachael needs to live herown life in her own unique way.
Rachael Needs to GET SERIOUS.
Rachael needs a new hair stylist
Rachael needs more yarn
Rachael needs her rest

The daily adventure

My adventure for the day was, of course, weather related.I decided to go to the grocery store as that one liter of milk from the gas station just isn't going to go very far. I spent about 20 minutes scraping my windows and then set off at a very sedate pace. Made it to the store-shopped as if it was my last chance this millinium, made it with my grocery cart back to the car and clicked the lock open. Up until this point all was well. What I failed to notice-how could I not notice?- was that there was about two inches of soloid ice on my bumper. This prevented my trunk from opening more than about a 1/4 inch. It was unlatched but wouldn't open enough to put groceries in or to get enough swing to actually close it again. I put the groceries in the back seat and drove home with the annoying "trunk open" light on. Just about made me nuts. When I got home I poured warm water on my bumper to melt the ice so that I could close the trunk,leaving a pool of water to turn to ice under my back wheels. It may actually have been my last chance to shop at least until March! Patrick (who else?) managed to have one of the brackets on his braces fall off for the third time in three months and realy needs to be taken to the orthodontist about 40 kilometers away-not going to happen today. I managed to get the dentist here in the village to squeese him in so that they can cut the darn thing off of the wire. I will take Patrick to the orthodontist next week, when hopefully my car will be thawed off. I taught my english for the day and supper is on the stove ,so hopefully the adventures are over and I can sit down and do some serious stitching . Anyone out there think that this is actually going to happen? LOL

Something stitchy

Here is a sampler that I stitched for my sister, as a present, Christmas 2004. It is from Olwyn Horwood . The poem is my own addition- a favorite of my sisters that seemed to go with the sampler. I like it so much that I am thinking of doing it again for myself. I did the framing myself including painting the frame. The floss is Anchor and the initials on th eleft are my sisters and those on the right mine.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

entering hyperspace

Well, I thought I understood blogroll but now I am not so sure. I tried to add Carol and Dianne's blogs but they haven't shown up. I'll give it a few minutes and then maybe try again.
It is so exiting to go to someones blog and see yours there as a link. I assume this will wear off ,but I have to get my exitement where I can.

It snowed here today and I had to take the bus to work. Being from California I don't have a lot of experience driving in snow and the snowflakes coming at the windshield always make me feel like I am about to go into hyperspace. I dion't really mind taking the bus, but it is expensive and of course if it is snowing then it is cold as well. Standing at the bus stop and waiting for the bus in freezing cold is not my idea of fun. Also, everytime it snows,we run out of milk. It's good business for the gas station across the street though!
Tonight is Stargate night- the season finale to the 8th season , in movie length, so very little stitching going on tonight.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Guys

Here is a picture of my guys:

Figured out the link thing

With a little (read: a lot) of help from Barbara I managed to add some links to this Blog.
Links to other Blogs about stitching.
Stitching is what brought me to the computer. My DH and children like the computer for itself-to do computer things, but I coud never be friends with a piece of hardware until I found something it could do for me.
A few years ago I discovered Martina Weber's designs (Chatelaine) and the way to buy and get them was through the computer and so, I started to use the darn thing. Then I started writting emails, discovered Amazon and Ebay and other online shops. Then came a Webshots album, Yahoo messenger and Skype. Today I started this Blog. My DH is thrilled and I scare myself.
Again though, for me the computer is a way to communicate, with my family and friends, and to meet new people. I hope I can manage to occasionaly write something interesting and post a few nice pictures.
I am going to give this blogging thing a try. After posting on our RR Blog and having lots of fun I have decided that I am a big enough girl to do this. I think I have a lot to learn but that is all to the good. I am pretty lazy but also always looking for ways to learn something new and interesting. Also being a stay at home mom means that one needs to find ways to keep the brain functioning. New recipies-is notthe way.