Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Figured out the link thing

With a little (read: a lot) of help from Barbara I managed to add some links to this Blog.
Links to other Blogs about stitching.
Stitching is what brought me to the computer. My DH and children like the computer for itself-to do computer things, but I coud never be friends with a piece of hardware until I found something it could do for me.
A few years ago I discovered Martina Weber's designs (Chatelaine) and the way to buy and get them was through the computer and so, I started to use the darn thing. Then I started writting emails, discovered Amazon and Ebay and other online shops. Then came a Webshots album, Yahoo messenger and Skype. Today I started this Blog. My DH is thrilled and I scare myself.
Again though, for me the computer is a way to communicate, with my family and friends, and to meet new people. I hope I can manage to occasionaly write something interesting and post a few nice pictures.


Barbara said...

Hey, Rachael - this is looking good!! The more you play with it, the easier it gets. You'll be whizzing along before you know it.

Von said...

Welcome to blogging, Rachael! I'm pretty clueless in regards to these computers - at least in comparison to my dh and ds, but I'm learning a little too :)
I started using the computer when my oldest dd and I were planning her wedding. I spent hours online learning all sorts of new things! I haven't been off since, lol!