Thursday, January 26, 2006

The daily adventure

My adventure for the day was, of course, weather related.I decided to go to the grocery store as that one liter of milk from the gas station just isn't going to go very far. I spent about 20 minutes scraping my windows and then set off at a very sedate pace. Made it to the store-shopped as if it was my last chance this millinium, made it with my grocery cart back to the car and clicked the lock open. Up until this point all was well. What I failed to notice-how could I not notice?- was that there was about two inches of soloid ice on my bumper. This prevented my trunk from opening more than about a 1/4 inch. It was unlatched but wouldn't open enough to put groceries in or to get enough swing to actually close it again. I put the groceries in the back seat and drove home with the annoying "trunk open" light on. Just about made me nuts. When I got home I poured warm water on my bumper to melt the ice so that I could close the trunk,leaving a pool of water to turn to ice under my back wheels. It may actually have been my last chance to shop at least until March! Patrick (who else?) managed to have one of the brackets on his braces fall off for the third time in three months and realy needs to be taken to the orthodontist about 40 kilometers away-not going to happen today. I managed to get the dentist here in the village to squeese him in so that they can cut the darn thing off of the wire. I will take Patrick to the orthodontist next week, when hopefully my car will be thawed off. I taught my english for the day and supper is on the stove ,so hopefully the adventures are over and I can sit down and do some serious stitching . Anyone out there think that this is actually going to happen? LOL


Barbara said...

Good luck getting the stitching done tonight, Rachael!

Von said...

Oh my goodness, what a day!! On days like this you just HAVE to stitch for some sanity, lol!
Hope today is better :)