Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yesterday I decided to bake bread. I do this about once a month as I am allergic to wheat. I bake a "white" spelt loaf . This lasts about a week and a half. The rest of the time, if I want bread, I eat pumpernickle or a similar "schwartz" bread or I just don't eat bread. I put the dough into the bread pan and set it in front of the heater for the second rise. The next time I went into the kitchen, the empty bread pan and the dishcloth I had used to cover it where on the floor. Where was the bread dough, you ask. Inside the dog, I answer. This was the bad. The dog had diarrhoea all evening and a couple of time in the night. Anyone surprised? I think not. This was the ugly.
The good though was very good . Patricks report card was very acceptable. Alexander Skiped a grade. When he left school on Friday he was a 10th grader and when he goes back on Monday , he is an 11th grader. Very nice. My childeren are so smart, attractive and wonderful- and I don't just say that because I am their mother ;-)
Then today, I went to a new LNS. New for me anyway. My friend Dani asked me if I wanted to go with her to a LNS sale at a store she used to shop a quite often. She had moved and the store was too far for her to visit often, but off we went. I didn't buy too much, mainly because the store was so full. I did get a few charts though. One "prarie schooler" and a couple of others with little animals and lighthouses. Also I got three really good sized pieces of Zweigert" linen for 10 Euros the meter. A great price. I have plans for two pieces already, One is going to be a wall hanging with applique, SRE, stitching, and beads. It is in the Lena this month. You can order a kit but they wanted over 100 Euros for it. I think, with the Linen ony having cost me 10 Euros and the floss, beads and silk ribbon that I have in my stash I can get away with spending a lot less.
I just have to the bits of print fabric and iron on stiffener and some linen floss. I would love to have this done for Valentines day., but I will need to go to the quilting store for the prints and they have wierd opening times. Am going to try though!


Annemarie said...

Okay, so I promised to stay offline, but I can't help myself... You really have to tell me the address of this LNS, Rachael. I keep looking for shops in Germany, but the only one I know and know well, is the one in Jever, and that's a little too far for me :o)
Poor doggie! And poor us! I can't eat bread either, and I adooooore bread. I sometimes bake it myself, but even that is no good. Pelle is also allergic to bread. We always eat rice crackers. What about you? Good for your boyws! They ARE clever, handsome and intelligent, aren't they?! Have a great weekend!

Susimac said...

That wall hanging is really beautiful, Its nice that you got some new stash and a good bargain with the fabric too. Well done to your boys, no wonder you are proud of them.

Barbara said...

Congratulations with your kids' successes! I think skipping the grade will really be better for Sean, as I'd mentioned earlier.

Wow, Zwiegart for 10 euro a meter! Hooray!

Can't wait to see your upcoming project.

Dianne said...

Oh my, your dog sure sniffed out an unusual snack. Did you toss together another loaf?
Don't you love when your kids make you proud? Congrats to your son!
And all you RR buying stash has made me go to eBay and order some UK stitching magazines which are far superior than US ones.

Rachael said...

I did manage another loaf. This one even made it into the oven. I hope that the first loaf has made it's way through the dog and we have seen the last of it! I will try and post a pic of my new stash today. Annemarie- if you want to chat about bread alternatives I have a lot of ideas. We can mail, chat or skype or message if you would like.