Thursday, October 19, 2006


As some of you know I live on a farm. We have this harvest wreath hanging on one of the barns year round, and every two years it gets taken down and remade. This year was the year and the picture is of our farmer hanging the new wreath. The making of the wreath is a reason for a party and all of the family and neighbors get together to make the bunches of wheat. The farmers wife does the binding . when the new wreath is hung everyone celebrates with dinner and lots of beer as is the tradition in Germany.

You can see that I didn't get back to this yesterday and almost didn't make it today. My massage yesterday was medical and for my back which is still giving me a lot of trouble. Afterwards I took Alexander to Muenster- we needed a few things ,plus I had to pick op a box of books from customs. My sweet Papa sent a huge box, which we will have a wonderful time working our way through.
Then we had our tea at Starbuck's and did a little shopping.
Today I sent Michael a package with his Wellies . He called and said that the rainy season has begun in the Congo and as he wasn't planning on staying this long he wasn't prepared. It is raining both in and out of the house he is working and living in and he needed his rubber boots. I packed them up with a bunch of anis Fisherman's friends and took them to the post office. I hope he gets them soon.
The I had to give an extra english lesson and then take Patrick to the orthodontist. The good (bad) thing about going to the orthodontist is that there is a good yarn shop right next to his office. I have now started to knit a (don't laugh) poncho. They are pretty fashionable here right now and I have been trying to find a short one that I like . There was one hanging in the yarn shop that was the perfect size . So, now I am trying to recreate the size and knit cables for the first time and actually have no idea what I am doing so wish me luck!


Annemarie said...

What's wrong with knitting a poncho? I think they're wonderful. Good luck with those cables!
Poor Michael, though. Imagine having to wear your wellies inside the house, too!
I hope your back gets better soon. This has been going on for far too long!

Anonymous said...

I love ponchos!! I wanna see yours when is finish :)

bunnyhead said...

Aw, your poor DH. I hope he'll be home soon. The poncho sounds like a great idea!

Von said...

What a gorgeous wreath and a lovely tradition!
Poor Michael living in such wet conditions now, simply dreadful! Hope your care package reaches him quickly. My thoughts and prayers are still with all of you.

Barbara said...

I LOVE ponchos!! Have fun knitting yours!

Dianne said...

What a beautiful wreath! I like that you use it to have a party. : )
Sorry about your back still bothering you. I wish you well.
Ponchos are just getting to Europe? I have a few from the last few years. Great to throw on when you are running out the door or taking a walk.