Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today is the official first day of Fashing or carnival- for those who are interested. The narren were out and about.

Here are two of the pairs of socks I showed in my last blog entry - but finished now.

I had to make a break in writting this entry to make spaghetti for 5 kids- where do they all come from? I am going to have to drive into town to pick them up from the movies at 11 pm. Blech- but I would rather go get them and know where they are than have them swaning around completely unwatched.

Talked to Michael today- Things are going well in the Congo. They have only had a little bit of shooting today - nothing to get excited about!

I also, have actually started christmas shopping. Have you ? :-)


Barbara said...

Those are some gorgeous socks! My toes are envious! ;>

Glad to hear that Michael is doing okay. You take care!!

Von said...

Lovely, lovely socks!!

Kids do seem to multiply on the weekends! At least spaghetti is a favorite of theirs and oh, so easy to prepare. :D

Great news from Africa! And I haven't quite begun my Christmas shopping, but am putting together items needed for projects I'm planning - I'm thinking that my niece and nephews will be getting snuggly pillowcases. :)

bunnyhead said...

I second Barbara, my toes are also quite envious! lol. I started Christmas shopping last week and got the hardest person to shop for taken care of!

Annemarie said...

Great socks! And, er... it doesn't sound like Michael is having a good time out there, with all that shooting going on, but I guess he would be used to that.
Christmas shopping? No. Sinterklaas shopping? YES!