Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I 'm alive!!

Here is a picture of Su's neighborhood in progress.
Alexander has learned "which" one is the wash machine but not how to use it. He has however learned to change the bag in the vaccume cleaner.
I got a massage last Friday!!!
My husband might be coming home on the 23rd and staying for a month!!! He can celebrate his birthday at home.
My chest no longer feels like someone is sitting on it all the time.
Here are also two picture's of recently completed socks.
And a picture of my feet- not to show you my good taste in sandals, but to demonstrate how nice the weather has been.


Cheryl in VA said...

And here I thought pictures of your feet were just to prove to all of us that you really are alive. After all you can't have pink wiggley toes if you aren't alive.
Glad to see you back on board and a big WHOOOOO HOOOOO about Michael coming home for his Gebertstag(sp)

Barbara said...

LOL @ the picture of your tootsies, Rachael! I hope Michael does get home for a month. :)

Su's NRR looks great. :)

Susimac said...

Love my NRR. Glad DH is coming home soon. Also really pleased that you are feeling much much better.

Carol said...

ooo, love Su's RR! I hope that my day off from work on Friday yields a finished block on your RR :-) Then off to Annemarie! Here's to praying your DH is home next week!!

Von said...

So good to "see" you this morning! :)

Great news about Michael's homecoming and about the warm weather you've been having!