Sunday, June 25, 2006

All you ever wanted to know about packing a suitcase ,but were afraid to ask.

Here are my finishe 1776 socks- I think I finished them on Thursday , but the camera was one of the few things I had actually put in the suitcase. I had to go dig it out from under the pile of stuff I had dumped on top of it. Am quite hppy with these as they came out close to identical. I need to remember to put the camera back in the suitcase now :-)
I am madly washing clothes, running the dish washer and trying to figure out what time to take my suitcases to the airport. Early check in is from 6-9 pm. but the F1 race is fron 7- 9. Pretty much however I time it, I am going to miss most of the race. I do want to do it though, it saves a lot of time in the morning, as boarding for our first flight is 5:30 am. I still have to finish packing , I just keep winging things in the suitcase and I guess when it is full I will stop.
Okay , I have to stop , I have jumped up and down about 14 times. I still have way too much to do :-0 My next post will be from CA.
Everyone enjoy your summer!


Carol said...

Cute socks!

Have a safe trip, and looking forward to your CA updates!!

Bine said...

I love your socks :-)
Have a great time in CA. Maybe you'll post some holiday pics??? I'm such a nosy person ;-)

Von said...

Awesome knitting!! As i just wrote to Mel, don't worry so much about what you pack. Get some basics in there and anything else you really need will certainly be available to you in CA!!

Safe journey!

Annemarie said...

As I'm writing this you're already on your way to California, girl! I had no idea you were leaving so soon (even though you told me. Sorry!) I hope you have a safe journey. Do keep us posted!

bunnyhead said...

The socks are wonderful! Have a wonderful time on the 'left' coast!

Dianne said...

You are truly ready for the 4th of July!!

Barbara said...

Your socks are totally cool!