Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not a good blogger

I am afraid I am not a very good blogger at the moment. The boys and I are leaving for California on Monday and I am trying to get ready. It is not really that much ,but I am feeling a bit overwelmed. I finally have most of my shopping bits done but Nala still needs to be brought to my girlfriends, the kids have their last day of school and I have a friend and her son coming for the day on Sunday.
I also need to clean things out of the fridge and put things into the suitcases. I put a bathing suit in one suitcase and then set it near my closet in the hope that the rest of my clothing would migrate to the suitcase in the night. Just in case you are considering trying this- it doesn't work.

Alexander managed to get sick on Monday evening and I had to call the Dr. at 10:30 pm and he stayed until 12:30am-it was quite exiting- not. Threw my my timing for the week of though. I usualy work at the library on tuesday but as I didn't want to leave him home alone- I traded woith someone for this morning. Which means that I should be getting ready to go instead of messing about with my computer:-) so here I go.


Barbara said...

Preparing to go away is always so much effort! Have a wonderful time in the US!!!

Dianne said...

I hope you have a great time! Can you take photos and recaps to add to your blog when you get home?
I'm always the one who packs almost everything-except for Sean's clothing. We even have snack food to save money (when we go to the beach).
Stay healthy!

Von said...

It IS overwhelming to get everyone ready to go on a long overseas flight, and get the household prepared for your absence!! Take it easy on yourself, Rachael! And have a great time on vacation. :D