Sunday, January 28, 2007

Four things about this weekend.

1, I am still sick, have new symptoms, old symptoms- BLECH!!!

2, I pulled myself together and packed and addressed a bunch of stuff so that I can take it to the post office on Monday. Don't get excited there is nothing for you- it is all boring stuff :-(

3, Patrick is now taller than me- I am officially, for the first time in 16 years the shortest person in the house. Or, does the dog count ?

4, I baked cookies. I do love my children.


Anonymous said...

Well, that's mostly all good news! Sure hope you begin to feel better soon!

Cheryl in VA said...

Welcome to my world!!!!!!
Been that way for almost a year now. It does allow for more storage on higher shleves, as you now have more people that can reach the items for you. Comes in handy.

In my house the dog doesn't really count for height issues but they do count for male vs female #s. It is the only way I can count on just a bit of estrogen around.

Anonymous said...

While Kirsten is of course still shorter than me at 9yo, she's definitely on track to be taller than I am. Melanie however topped out at 5'2" so I'm 2" taller - when I stand up straight, lol!

Hoping and praying for a change in your health for the better!! {{hugs}}

Barbara said...

Of course the dog counts! And if Nala (hope I spelled it right) hits a growth spurt, go buy a goldfish! :)

(I can say that because I'm about the same height as you. ;) )