Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm baaaack!

Hi ,
I am, hopefully, back. In a nutshell- Alexander was sick, I was sick, my mom came, my mom went, Michael came, we went on vacation, I got sick again, Michael left.. and I am still sick- but getting better and feel like I can sit at the computer for a few minutes again.
The picture is of my "men" putting up the Xmas tree. Alexander's shirt is from the Congo. Michael brought each of the boys a shirt and shorts , a shirt for himself and a Congo style dress for me. All out of the same material. Pretty scary and funny. I meant to take a picture of all of us together dressed in our finery- I will try and remember the next time Michael is home. Give everyone a good laugh!

Many thanks and apologies to those who wrote emails, snail mails,comments and cards, also to those who called and to those who kept us in their thoughts through what was a very Dark December for me. Even if I didn't write you back,and I probably didn't, I very much appreciated every communication. Things are looking up and if I ever get rid of this cold/bronchitis thing I will be cruisin' again.
I did not manage to stitch anything- including Carol's neighborhood ,but I will get that back at some point in the RR and get it done. I have knit one sock since November. Thats it! I sent no Xmas cards- mailed no presents- sent no ecards- again apologies. I will try to do better throughout the year. I am also going to try and visit everyones blogs over the next few days. Hope to hear from you soon.


Annemarie said...

Welcome back, Rachael, you have been missed!!! I am SO glad to hear Alexander is back home an d doing well. I will try and give you a ring tomorrow. Boy, do we have a lot to talk about!

Anonymous said...

I'm so HAPPY so see you back Rachael! :) You have been greatly missed. Keep hanging on and get yourself completely over that nasty bug. Glad everythings looking up again. Hugs!

Carol said...

Welcome Back! It was lovely to see your blog lit up in bloglines with a new alert! Woo Hoo - missed you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachael, I am so glad you are back, and so sorry you have been sick, busy, buried under December. Take care of yourself and your family.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I hope you feel 100% soon!

Barbara said...

Oh, Rachael, it is wonderful to see a post from you and to see all three of your men with the Christmas tree. I love the Congo shirt - that will brighten even the grayest winter day!

I hope that you'll soon be over the lung ailments. As run down as you were, it will probably take longer than normal to recover (I speak from some experience) and you know to get as much rest as possible during your recuperation.

Sending, as always, warm hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your site googling the opal hundertwasser yarns! My husband is in Munich this week on business. I'm wondering if you could suggest a great local yarn, something we don't see here in the States, something hard to find. I've sent him a list of shops and a picture of the Opal Hundertwasser collection. Thanks! Ann in Berkeley, CA (the weather is beautiful today)

Dianne said...

Nice to see you Rachael!
Please feel better too-sounds like your bronchitis really settled in-get that taken care of.
That's a wild shirt for sure. I can't even imagine you all dressed a like. Michael is funny buying all of the same pattern-it would look like a scene from The Sound of Music.
Big hugs to all.