Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Pacman

Yes, it is Patrick's birthday and yes, he opened presents before school- before breakfast even. Michael, Alexander and I gifted him with a couple of band T-shirts ( have you heard of System of a Down?) , a duvet, pillow case set with a print from some heavy metal band and a new, bigger (read louder) amplifier .
The Duvet cover has a horrible print of some boney, thing with a hatchet and and dripping blood. Eddy, Freddy ? from Iron maiden? Anybody know this? Anybody want to admit to knowing this? I am not sure I can sleep with such a thing in the house. I am sure I would not be able to sleep under it ,but then I am not a 14 year old boy. I was even a good mommy and baked a cake yesterday and did not wait until this afternoon to try and bake in a panic, between my English lessons. Dinner, at Patricks request, is a huge platter of nachos.


Dianne said...

Happy birthday Patrick! I don't know what the fascination is with those skulls, etc. Sean doesn't have any bedclothes like that. He has many CDs of groups I've never heard of. His decor is mostly football related.

Von said...

Happy Birthday wishes for Patrick!! A huge plate of nachos sounds like a perfect birthday dinner! :D
Congrats on getting the cake baked a day ahead, Rachael!