Sunday, February 11, 2007


Okay - here are the missing pictures from yesterday. Didn't Cheryl do a fantastic job on the felted bag? it is so pretty- I am just not sure what to use it for as I want to use it for something, where I will see it often.
The other picture shows my foot stool, with some knitting and the cool sock needle holders Cheryl sent. On the right is a finished sock, on the left is the second of these ONT. In one of the needle holders is a half sock , from the second I left one end open so that you can see how it works. Fun stuff!
My sister received and liked the socks I sent her for her birthday- which was yesterday- she said the socks fit and both she and Holly (her cat) approved the colorway.

Speaking of colorways- yes, I changed my blog template. Blue is and always has been my favorite color, every few years I take a dive into pink or purple ,but in the end I always come back to blue.


Cheryl in VA said...

I am so glad you like your goodies. Marilyn was happy that her needle keeps are now also in Germany. If anyone over there wants them it may be easier for me to order and send them as one shipment to Rachael or something.
Enjoy your felted bag Rachael, I really had fun making it.

bunnyhead said...

Look at all those goodies!

Von said...

What wonderful things, especially that felted bag. :D
Hmmm, maybe you could store new packages of needles, or jewelry, or special skeins of floss - I'm sure you have some treasures to store in the bag!

Dianne said...

What a pretty little felt bag. I'd keep some goodies in it-money or make-up!
Great knitting too!