Saturday, April 15, 2006

Are you ready for Easter?

We are- or as ready as were going to get. The boys dyed the eggs , to help out the Easter Bunny , I baked another easter bread-the first two have been eaten already. And Michael made arrangments for us to meet friends for brunch tomorrow .
Watching the boys dye eggs made me remember one year when Michael was deployed in Jugoslavia over Easter.
Friends of ours lived in Amsterdam and I took the kids there to spend the holiday. Their idea of Easter was brunch in a nice hotel . I like this idea too ,but the kids required an egg hunt first. After the kids were put to bed Saturday evening , I unpacked the egg cooker, the eggs and dye that I had brought with me. Both Judy and Jun rolled their eyes and made that "this is why we don't have kids face" . I begged them to help me and they both agreed, although I don't think Jun ,who is Japanese, had ever dyed eggs before. Sometime around midnight I gave up and went to bed and left the two of them happily creating tiny works of art . I had shown them how ,if you color on an egg with crayon and then dip it in the dye , the dye will not stick to the egg. I use this techniqe to do things like write "Happy Easter" in block letters. They took this and ran with it. They made really wonderful eggs with names, animals and fantasy designs. The kids were thrilled with these eggs- me too.
They are divorced now and we haven't seen them in ages, although I spoke with both of them less than a year ago. They helped make a holiday that could have been difficult, with Papa away, into something special.
I wish everyone of you a Happy Easter, Passover, or just a lovely day .


Von said...

Hi Rachael!
Trying to catch up on blogs again, lol!
Our Easter day will be a quiet one, with just our "little" family. Oldest dd and her family will be with her dh's side so this afternoon they came by for Hans to dye eggs with Kirsten. Lots of fun. :D

Dianne said...

What a nice share. I haven't dyed Easter eggs for a few years. The grocery store sells them dyed and perfectly cooked, so that saves me some time.
Don't worry,if I have grandchildren, I'll dye eggs with them. ; )

Barbara said...

What a nice story. Sorry to hear they've divorced, but it's nice that a happy story from their marriage lives on.

Our Easter bread went fast, too. I only baked one, though.