Thursday, April 13, 2006

Promised updates

Here are a couple of pix , to show what I have been up to on my "holiday". My goal was to be somewhat further along than I actually am, but things will happen.
Alexander needed new clothes -again. We have been invited to go out to brunch on Sunday and realised that A has only lined ,winter pants. Until now that has been good ,but it is spring! Also he has outgrown all of the nice, button down ,oxford shirts that my dad bought him last year. So off we went to Munster , in the pouring rain , to fight the crowds, with our still limping son , to buy him clothing. We managed two pairs of jeans, a pair of "nice" pants , his first adult shirt and tie and a nice-ish sports jacket. . I will try and remember to take a picture on Sunday when he is all dressed up.
I am off now, to watch "Law and Order " and work on Barbara's RR some more.


Annemarie said...

Great house, but also: GREAT sock. What stitch is that? How's Alexander, apart from the fact that he's still limping? I'm sure he'll look fabulous on Sunday!

Barbara said...

Oh, I love your design on my neighborhood!

And that sock - terrific!!

I'm glad to hear that Alexander seems to be doing well. I hope he'll make a full recovery very soon.