Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Husband living at home

I know- most husbands live at home -but mine doesn't usually. His job and the age of our kids has made it a neccesity for us to live in different places for the last couple of years. That he travels a lot in his job means that he also doesn't come home every weekend. It can be tough,but I sometimes think that is is even harder when he comes back for a while! We are glad he is here though.

He will be spending 3 months in the Congo,working, this summer . Until he leaves ,he is taking a French course. French is the main language in the Congo and while his French works for a short vacation in France (mine does too-and I have never had a French lesson , so this isn't saying much) he can't converse. Anyway...... It just so happens that there is a military language school near where we live. Which means that he will be living at home from now until he leaves for the Congo. Pretty cool. I just have to get used to finding his shoes and coffee cups strewn about the house on a daily basis again. A small price. I guess ;-)

We had a lovely weekend. Visited Anja and Roman, went to Charity Night and Danced for hours. My idea of fun!!Charity Night was much better than last year ,but not as good as years ago when Anja and I were on the organizing commity ( of course) they have found a better band though and that is great as the music can really make or break a function like this.

One huge complaint I have, has nothing to do with the orginization and everything to do with people just lacking sense. Charity night starts at 7pm and consists of food eaten from booths, dancing with loud music and lots of alcohol. Why do people bring their children? I would never have subjected one of my children ,as an infant, to such loud music. It can't be good for their little ear drums. And in my opinion ( I am pretty opinionated) no child under 16 belongs at a public function, after about 9pm, where huge amounts of alcohol are being consummed. A four year old doesn't belong there at all. It's just too dangerous. I always ask myself why, why do people bring their children places like this. I have yet to come up with an answer.

A little stitching news- I have made some progress on my sampler mailart ,but can't post a pic as it is a surpise for the recipient. I have also worked on Barbara's RR- maybe I will have enough progress by tomorrow to post another pic and, I have finished a sock and cast on the second.
Everything about this pair of socks is a new experience. I have gone down a needle size, am using bamboo instead of metal, a yarn with cotton in it, a reenforced heel , and this sock has a pattern and is not "just" stockinett stitch. All of this for the first time. Plus I am actually working from the book that Cheryl , so kindly, brought me. The first sock came out great and I am exited to get the second one finished and start another- something new!!


bunnyhead said...

When my first husband would come home from extended tours, he would make me crazy! I was so used to being independent and doing everything myself. That charity dance sounds like fun! I would never bring my kids... then it wouldn't be fun at all. LOL

Dianne said...

Little kids and loud music don't mix. I remember seeing Gwyneth Paltrow and her little daughter at a concert last year and 'Apple' was wearing headphones.
Another thing that drives me crazy is baby strollers at crowded functions like the flower show. The babies can't appreciate the displays.
Good luck to Michael with his French lessons. Learning languages is not one of my fortes.

Barbara said...

Wow, your husband is living at home! That must be different. I hope it's fun for everyone.

As for kids at big events, I know we have a horrible time finding a babysitter and often have to bring our kids or not come at all. We'd skip something with alcohol, though, definately.

Von said...

How wonderful to get to pick up extra coffee cups and dirty socks for awhile! There were a few months back when I had only two small children that my dh was working away from home and would come home every two weeks for the weekend. Like Cindy, he drove me crazy as I had my own ways and it was irritating to have him mess it up. Then as we were adjusting, he was gone again.
Must say I feel as you about small children at such events. It irritates me to see them at the grocery store at 10 p.m. too!