Thursday, August 16, 2007

San Francisco

Here are the kids in Golden Gate Park. We are just in front of the de Young Museum. It has been recently remodeled , and while I liked what they have done, I was surprized at how small it is.
My all-time favorite museum - the museum of natural history and the Steinhart Aquarium and Morrison Planatarium is still closed for renovations. You can see it from where the boys are standing in this photo. Visiting it are some of my earliest and best memories. They have a small version open downtown, but it is not the same- or even close. I hope that when they finish with the building they haven't changed too much. The main reason for renovation is to make it more earthquake safe. I hope they keep, what for me ,are important bits. The beautiful tiles in the amphibian house, the Foucalt Pendulum and the prehistoric dioramas.
I have always been facinated by the Foucalt Pendulum- even when I was to small to know what it was. If you are ever near one of these it is worth it to go see it. It is not really spectacular but somehow impressive.


Barbara said...

Rachael, the boys look so happy and relaxed! It really must've been a great holiday. :D

Dianne said...

Someday maybe I'll see California. Part of my roots are out west as my paternal relatives are from Oregon.
We have a similar pendulum at the Franklin Institute here in Philly, or at least it was there when we took Sean years ago. I think that one sketched in the sand.
Can you believe the NRR is coming to a close soon? Well you only have a few to do. It was a fun project in the long run.