Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can a family spend more time apart?

Alexander was in a play a couple of weeks ago. That's him in the green shirt. The play was called "Das Fest" and the kids did a fantastic job on what was some very serious material. Alexander looks a little dark in the picture because he played a black man. The character spoke only english and so he was the obvious choice for the part. He did well ,though, and found it a lot of fun, and thinks he would be interested in doing more theater . Which I think is a great idea.

Yesterday , I did something I have never done before. I bought an airline ticket on line. I am a real weenie about things like this. The computer confounds me and I am afraid I will make some huge mistake. I kept obsessivly checking the dates to make sure I was puchasing for the right time - and finally decided- I 'll just go whenever the darn ticket is good for. So I am off to visit Cheryl, in Virginia, for a week in October.
How did this come about? Well.. Cheryl keeps asking me to come for a visit and I really want to sooooo. Both boys have big school trips this year- Alexander is going to Scotland and Patrick to Rome. Last week I noticed that they would actually be gone at the same time! What an oportunity :-) Michael said I should go do something, and so I am.

We had to have a laugh though - Michael will be in Kinchasa, The Congo. Patrick in Rome, Italy. Alexander in Edinbrugh, Scotland.And, of course , me in Virginia Beach- Virginia. One musn't forget Nala. She will be back with Anja and Co. in the Netherlands. Between us we are covering five countries, three contenents, and both hemespheres. Maybe someday soon we can all go somewhere together?


Cheryl in VA said...

I don't know Rachael.... do you really think you could all go somewhere together at the same time on the same continent and in the same country. Sounds like a challenge.

Wheeeeeee I can't wait to see you!!! I have already told Romelda (my knitting friend 2 blocks away) you are coming and she is excited too.

Barbara said...

LOL! That's too funny. You'll all have some interesting tales to tell once you're under the same roof again!

Dianne said...

What a traveling family you are! Gee, you won't be too far from me, yet not that close-like 7 hours. I was going to offer to send you coconut, but maybe you can sneak some in your luggage for the 7 layer bars. : )
Have a fabulous time!
Also-so glad Alexander enjoys performing. My one brother did too in high school. If A goes on with that, how cool!

Von said...

You must be so proud of Alexander and his performance in the play! Our kids are part of Shakespeare plays with a homeschool group and always amaze us with their hard work. :)

I felt pretty scared buying airline tickets online my first time too, but have since done so quite a bit - never a problem! You're going to have such a fabulous time with Cheryl, while your boys are off having their fabulous times, and poor Michael working. He's great to encourage you to go! :D