Wednesday, September 05, 2007

hummm- where was my brain?

On Friday I sent out a couple of gifts. One was for my mother. It came back yesterday. Why? Because, while I cleverly wrote the return address, I forgot to write on it who was supposed to receive it. Eight Euros in the toilet, because the stamps are canceled. What a dork.

edit- The post lady was lovely and put the package back through without charging me for postage again. Isn't that nice!


Barbara said...


But thanks for reminding me that people other than myself do these sort of things! ;)

Annemarie said...

Well, I suppose the prospect of the four - sorry, five - of you sojourning in four different corners of the world is a little mind-boggling. What a lovely PO lady. Ours aren't so nice :o/

Von said...

Yep, we all do things like that from time to time, especially when we have so many balls to juggle! ;)

Nice of your postal carrier to let you correct your mistake with no extra charge!