Saturday, September 08, 2007

paying debts

These socks are for Barbara and Arden. I waited to post them until Barbara had received them. I owed her a pair as a prize from my book recomendation contest- before Easter. O0ps! it took me so long because I knit three pair to get just the right ones.
The first two pair when finished were lovely- , but one pair said Mom and the other had a wide pink stipe-and I know Barbara is not big on pastels. These were exactly what I was aiming for when thinking "Barbara"
It is the Embossed Leaves from interweave (again) and the little socks for Arden have sort of a vine pattern going around them. The yarn is from my last Opal abo and I made a point of not matching the stripes as I wanted a more 'organic" look.
I am quite pleased with them and Barbara says they fit and the colors are quite restful.
I wis everyone a "restful ' weekend.
"Restful" not a word I use often ,but now that I have started I can't seem to stop :-)


Von said...

These socks do suit Barbara perfectly! She's going to love them even more knowing all the care that went into their creation. :D

Barbara said...

The contagion of 'restful' - LOL!

I love the socks, Rachael! I wore them in the house for 2 1/2 days, until Niek tracked in a bunch of dirt from our front yard and I accidentally walked through it. Now they are awaiting their first trip to the washing machine. ;)

They are so perfectly me - you did a GREAT job and I do indeed love them even more knowing all the care you put into them!

Annemarie said...

Ooh, I love these socks, Rachael. Both pairs! How sweet of you to make a little pair for Arden too. And you're right. These are the colours that spring to mind when you think of Barbara.

Dianne said...

The colors and textures are amazing! I loved Barbara's post about them.
: )
Great job Rachael!