Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend Report

It is beautiful out- and I am in the house trying to "get stuff done" . Laundry, ironing, stitching (on Dianne's RR, which is now officialy late) writting emails, vaccuming, and blogging. I am doing all of this while listining to CNN- I am a bit of a news junkie.
Later is the Formula One race in Spa- this is knitting and stitching time. Spa is a fun race to watch for a lot of reasons , but one, is that part of the track is regular street and we have actually driven on it.
My sister sent me this beatiful knitting bag a while back. It is soooo cute. I love the baby blue , fine wale cord it is made out of- it even has a matching accesory bag- with a zipper! - She is doing some great sewing.

Su, made all of the members of our RR neighborhood exchange teeny, tiny exquisite, sissor fobs with little houses stitched on them. Stunnig! Thank you Su ;-)

The knitting bits are my first ( self knitted) dish-cloths. The one is finished and the second almost finished. Cheryl sent me the yarn a while ago, I kept seeing this pattern on different blogs , homepages etc.. and thought it was really interesting and decided to give it a whirl. These are really fun , fast finishes. I haven't tried them yet , but I have heard that they work nicely and wash up well.
I hope that everyone else who has lovely weather today, is outside enjoying it.


Barbara said...

It really has been most remarkable weather, hasn't it? We've just been loving it.

The bag from your sister and your knitted dishcloths are wonderful! As is Su's lovely fob/ornament!

Von said...

Knitted dishcloths are the best! I always buy a few at our church's silent auction each year. :D I especially like the pattern on these!

Dianne said...

Busy, busy! I can relate. I like that you added 'working on Dianne's RR' as I am getting excited to see it. I'm sure it looks wonderful. Now to save up money to get that framed!
Your sister is a clever seamstress and look at those fancy dish clothes!
They look like they'd be good for drying or are they for washing?

DawnK said...

The blue and yellow looks great on a ballband cloth! I just discovered this pattern and it is a fast knit! The knitting bag is cute and I love the little scissors fob, too.

Tea said...

Beautiful dishcloths!

Carol said...

Hi Rachael, Becky has finished her block on my RR, leaving only yours left to do now. I see you are travelling again soon... so, when is a good time to send it on to you? Please let me know. Thanks!!! Those fobs Su made for us all are so cute!

hakucho said...

Love your ballbands...pretty color choice. The ballband is my all time favorite cloth.

happy knitting :)