Monday, August 20, 2007

Shopping finishing and cool stuff

Her is some yarn I purchase this sommer- all of it is sock yarn- I see I went a litle heavy on the purple!
The large twisted hanks are from Pagewood Farm . Handdye from a woman in California. The colors are fantastic and the yarn is really cushy.
The small hank is Claudia' handpaints. I knit a pair of socks from this yarn already and I love how it knit up.
The two small skeins in the yelow net is a purple and white Louet. In the red net a skein of pink Lornas Laces- the second skein had knots in it so I didn"t buy it. This will have to be kids socks.
The small pink skein is Tofutsies. This yarn looks really thin and I am kind of afraid of it :-)
All the other skeins are from Trekking, including the finished pair of socks in brown and pink. A yahoo sock knitting group that I belong to here in Germany went on a field trip to Trekking Zitron two weekends ago and did a little shopping. They actually make their own bamboo needles at Trekking- DPNs and circs. They showed us a little bit about how they make and put the circs together. They also told us that you should always store your circs in a plastic bag as the nylon cable loses water and over time, becomes dry and can become less flexible and even crack. If you notice this happening , lay them in water for a few minutes. I have been storing mine over a gooseneck lamp to keep the kinks out- I guess I better put them in a zippy.

The socks are from Trekking yarn, knit on Trekking 2.25 bamboo needles. The colors on all the pictures is pretty bad as it is overcast today, but I liked the colorway of this yarn so much that I knit plain socks with it ,which is something I almost never do.
The post card is from Cheryl and Rick's son Rich , who was on a dig this summer in Israel- I thought this was the coolest thing and am so grateful that he found time to send me a postcard. Thanks Rich !


Barbara said...

Very cool yarn, Rachael! :D

Dianne said...

Looks like you have a lot of knitting ahead of you there lady. : )
The socks you already made are perfect.
And thank you so much for the postcard you sent. We collect them here and love to receive them.

Fee said...

Hallo Rachael,

das Garn kommt mir doch bekannt vor ;-)
Vielen Dank auf diesem Wege für die schöne e-card. Konnte mich erst jetzt wieder melden, weil die Ereignisse sich hier schlichtweg überschlugen. Ich wünsch' Dir viel Spaß beim Verstricken der Wolle und bin schon auf das Ergebnis gespannt.
Bis bald mal wieder, liebe Grüße,

Fee (Sabine)


Dianne said...

I wanted to thank you for the nice comment you left recently about Sean and the emotional things associated with his move to school. That was really thoughtful of you. Things are getting better, and we have been talking to him a few times a day. He sounds better too.

Carol said...

Hi Rachael - I can't seem to get your emails (probably comcast's fault), but I did get your comment in my blog - thank you!!!! BeckySC has my RR right now as she is doing Novia's block while you were in CA. I will ship it to you as soon as I get it back from Becky :-)