Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I received this incredible floss/ribbon fob from Barbara. She remembered that I love peacocks and she got the colors just right ,too. It is sitting right here in front of me, on my desk, where I can enjoy it.

I got my car back- on Saturday! They aren't even open on Saturday , but they messed about with it so long and made 3 diagnosis and had to order different parts and felt so bad, that someone came in and fixed it Saturday morning. The final repair was cheaper than the one I thought they were doing in my last blog, as well.

The drive to pick the car up was so stressful that I managed to get sick . I am coughing, what little brains I have , out. WHIIIIINE!!!!


Barbara said...

Hey Rachael! Thanks again for your phone call this afternoon. :D And I'm so glad you're enjoying the fob. :)

Cheryl in VA said...

OH NO not the "Picking up the repaired Car - BUG!!!!"
Glad the car is back, not glad that you got sick. You can't afford to start coughing this early in the season. Do take care.

Catch you soon.

Von said...

Oh, Rachael, do take care of yourself! Glad your car is back home. And words just can't describe that fob from Barbara. What a dear she is. :D

tkdchick said...

Wow that's just beatuiful and the ribbon used on the finishing is glorious!

Dianne said...

The fob is so pretty! And it's sitting right now to dental floss-as expected. : )
Sorry for all your car woes, but at least you have it.
Sorry you aren't well, but at least it's early in the season.

Chelle said...

Lovely fob! Sorry to hear you are sick. Feel better soon!

Dianne said...

Oh where, oh where did our cool sock maker Rachael go? Hope all is well and I miss you!

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