Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Red boots, blue boots,

old boots, new boots.
If you look carefully you can see that these two pairs of boots are the same. One pair is just one year older than the other. I bought the older (duh) pair one year ago on St Martin's Sunday . I like them so much that this year I bought them again- on St. Martin's Saturday. The shoe store in our village has 20% off on St Martin's and I was not willing to pay more this year than last year! For me these are the perfect , everyday winter boots. I bought them a size larger than my summer shoes so that my thick socks fit inside , the sole is "shock absorbing" and non slip , the heel is just the right height to give ME a little height ,but not too high or narrow. They look good with jeans and I also like the height of the shaft. I wonder if they will make them next year? I was amazed to see how much the old boots had aged- even though I did polish them regularly.
A shoe question for those who go to a fitness studio (or gym, as we used to call it) , At the fitness studio that we use, most people don't put their shoes in the lockers, but leave them on the floor. This makes a lot of sense, as we are not talking Manolo's here. But... almost everyone- okay everyone but me- turns their shoes so that the toes point towards the wall/ lockers. I don't get it. Everyone sits down to change their shoes , both before and after working out. Especially now that it is winter and most people are wearing boots ( I was also the last one to go there- last Thursday I was still wearing flip flops to the gym) So if you are sitting down, the shoes you just removed have the toes facing the center of the room. Why do people turn them around? They just have to turn them around again when they change back into them. Am I the laziest person on the planet? Have I not grasped some important point of changing room ettiquette? Don't I have anything better to do than worry about this?

And yes, I am a Dr, Suess fan . I pretty much know "Green Eggs and Ham" by heart. It's amazing how often you can work ".. and he rode with his load to the tip top to dump it" ( mini quiz- which book is this from?) into everyday conversation.


Dianne said...

I want to say 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas' for the Seuss question.
What's with the boots? It's like a toilet paper roll-forward or backwards? ; )

Cheryl in VA said...

I guess it really depends which way you are facing when you remove your shoes. If you are facing the lockers... then the toes go toward the locker, BUT if your back is to the locker then the toes would face away from the locker.

Tomato... Tomahhto

Barbara said...

You got me on the Dr. Seuss. We don't have them all, and that's certainly from one of the ones we're missing. ;)

My old gym also had these strange shoe-turners. I didn't get it, either. At home, I'll put my shoes so the toe faces the wall, but that's simply because that's how they're directed when I take them off. It's a moot point for me now, as the floor is as unreachable as the moon for me! LOL!

Von said...

I don't use the changing room at our gym - we live so close that I just pop over ready to get on the treadmill, or whatever I'm doing that day. But I believe people here store their shoes in their locker. Must be some sort of custom in your area? Interesting tho. :)

Love your boots!