Thursday, November 08, 2007


I can't belive I haven't written in so long. Probably no one will read this as they have given up on ever finding anything new here. I noticed a lot of people having long pauses between their blog entries lately- exept Barbara- she is writting every day- and I am not even managing to leave comments- Barbara, if you are reading this- I can't belive how much you have accomplished recently- you are amazing, and Max's stitching - WOW !
I had a wonderful trip to Virginia. No pictures because I have a new camera and the battery has a different set up than my old one and I just didn't have it figured out. Somewhere on my cell phone are a couple pix of Cheryl and me at the new WWII monument ,but I am going to have to get someone more phone/computer savvy ( Patrick?) to move them over here.

Virginia was fab. Great weather, although everyone who lived there thought it was too warm. I was at the beach which cleanses my soul. I was at the book store, I was at Starbuck's. I was at the yarn store, I was with Cheryl!!! We went to Cheryl's knitting meet-ups , met great people, laughed our butts off ( ha- I wish-mine is still a million times tooo big) . I met Remelda and traded bits with her and ate fantastic , wheat free, frozen waffels. I kid you not, those babies where great.
We went to Washington DC and saw the three things that were at the top of my "things to see in Washington DC" list. Thank you Rick (hug)
The Holocaust Museum- very intense- IMO not for childeren between the ages of about 2 and 12. Under 2 just won't get it and children under 12 will get it, but not understand. Very well done.
The new WWII monument.Pretty , but OTT. There is something to represent everything. Pillers, gold eagles, water, wreaths, maps, reliefs, BIG engraved signs. Like I said it is pretty , but the feeling is missing. If you go to the Vietnam War memorial, you start to cry. This one is nothing like that. Plus I have lived in Europe too long not to be bothered by all of the "do not" signs. Don't go on the grass, put your feet in the water, drink eat or smoke, climb on anything. Breath?
Number three was Mount Vernon- loved it. If you have a chance - go.

Once I got home ( we won't even discuss my flights other than to say that if you ever want to get anywhere on time , don't choose to fly parallel to me. On the other hand , I always do get to where I want to be. Up to you) and had all my chicks back in the nest (exept M of course) I thought things would get back to normal, but it hasn't been that easy.

I have started to go to the fitness studio three times a week. Once to the afore mentioned Pilates class and twice to work out. This seems to be using up some of my mojo. I haven't been able to stitch or knit much. I just can't seem to get started. I have managed to do an amazing amount of other stuff. Getting my kids to a long series of Dr. and dentist appointments ,music lessons, driving lessons etc.. Worked in the library on Tuesdays and covered what seemed to be 397 history books. I even managed to get the winter tires put on my car.
My major goal at this point is to get Dianne's NRR finished and in the mail- it's almost finished- I swear it is! Mojo- come back- please.


Barbara said...

I'm reading!

Wow, Rachael, you have been REALLY busy! Stitching and knitting aren't everything, you know. (Gasp!) How are the boys doing? And did your "fix" from the beach hold out through this difficult autumn weather?

Von said...

My trusty Newsgator always knows when you've posted something new, Rachael, then lets me know! :)

I'm glad you had a nice time of renewal in Virginia. After a vacation it always seems to take me a few days or a week to get back into my old frame of mind. And you've been sooo busy since you've returned to Germany!! Give yourself a break. I mean, no one could possibly keep up with Barbara. That woman is truly Superwoman! :D

Dianne said...

Sounds like you had a nice diversion and got to see some things in DC and Virginia that I haven't seen! Sean's been to Mt Vernon on a school trip and said it was nice. I really love the Smithsonsian Institute. Been to the White House a few times, but not lately. The last time we went, we got lost coming home, so haven't gone back again.
I still need to go to Virginia Beach too.

Carol said...

Welcome Home! I am still blogging daily too.... must not have noticed. How are the RR's coming along? Hint, hint. Di and I are just dying ot get them home.

Cheryl in VA said...

Don't worry sweetie, it took a couple days for me to get back on track, mainly because I immediately went back to work like a wild thing and there fore got nothing done.
I am so glad you enjoyed your time here. I guess that means we will have to plan to do it again...:)

btw, let us not forget the incredible dolphin display at the beach.

I have my own version of newgator...each morning and each evening I check everyone's blog.