Saturday, May 27, 2006

Birthday traditions in Germany

Tomorrow is my birthday ( 42 if you want to know) . In Germany, a day with rules, like any other here in his country. The first is that it is the birthday persons responsibility to celebrate. Birthday partys are seldom given for someone. As the birthday girl , I must shop and clean and cook and bake in preperation for any amount of people. This I have accomplished with the help of my DH over the last two days.
The other rule is that it is considered unlucky to celebrate or even wish someone "happy birthday" before their actual birthday. This often complcates the situation- you are expected to provide for everyone -sometimes on a Wednesday evening! There is a small saving grace to this rule. It doesn't help you on Wednesday ,but in years where your birthday falls on a Sunday , you may cheat by inviting people on Saturday and then "celebrating" after midnight. This is what we are doing tonight.
A few out of town friends and the neighbors are coming by and Michael will BBQ (never let a little rain stop you) . To go with the BBQ I have baked a couple of loaves of bread and some brownies. I am also planning some American style coleslaw and an insalata Caprise. If I can get ahold of some nice strawberries I might make a shortcake as well.
To sweeten the situation a bit (ha ha) Patrick got sick Thursday evening and we ae still not sure if he has Mono or "just" tonsillitis. Which ever it is he is taking antibiotics and is no longer contagious - he is also feeling much better , if sleepy.
I have already received some lovely birthday presents and cards, My gemini exchange , bracelets, earings, and a darling inlay wooden box from my Mom , a card and money from my Dad and a card, and money from my in-laws. The money from my in-laws was almost exactly the amount that I needed to pay for the stack of books and cd's that have been piling up in my shopping cart at Amazon for the last month or so, and so I hopped over there and hit the
" one click order" and will have something to look forward to in the next week.
Tomorrow on my actual birthday - I am planning on watching the Formula One race in Monaco and relaxing with my stitching and knitting- we'll see!

Our peacock has been released from his cage, as some entity decided that the bird flu danger in our area is more or less over, and he is quite happy to be out and about. Once I am showered and dressed I am going to go out and see if I can get a picture of him with his tail open, to post here as a treat for all who are patient and kind enough to read my blog.


Barbara said...

Since I'm American and not German, I'm wishing you a happy birthday now. I hope your party will be a lot of fun. The Dutch also celebrate the same way as the Germans, and my birthday gift to myself is not to celebrate. Ha ha! Niek always treats me like a queen on my birthday, but I never have a party - too much work!! LOL. Enjoy your special day! :-)

Annemarie said...

Happy birthday, Rachael! Like Barbara, I never have a party for myself, but I hope you have a lot of fun tonight, and it sounds lik eyou will have a super day tomorrow! Stitching and knitting. What more could anyone want on their birthday?

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday Rachael! I almost missed it. My gift to you is your RR as I have been working on it a lot lately to get it mailed off soon.
I hope you have a wonderful BBQ and everyone felt fine for the celebration.
Heck, I have to do all the birthday prep if we have parties, which we don't anymore except for the older folks.

Litla Skvís said...

Happy belated birthday.

dealstoall .com said...

I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to Rachael and Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.