Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mothers day

Here is a not very good picture of my beautiful mother's day flowers. The kids did a great job of picking them out and I was thrilled to get them. I also received a cup of tea, breakfast and Alexander Bbqed dinner. Pretty nice! Monday things were back to normal. At 7 am I had gotten up, woken the kids, laid out their clothes, made breakfast, made lunches, cleaned up from the same, started the washer, started the dryer, started the dishwasher, made sure the dog got water and food and let her out the back door, swept the kitchen , yelled at the kids to brush their teeth and was standing at the front door to kiss the kids and wave good bye to them.
As they rounded the corner, I decided to call the dog in. I called and whistled a couple of times and was getting a little pissy and decided to just close the door and wait for her to come home. I closed the door and turned ,to see the dog lying behind me in the hallway . She was looking at me like "yes?" I guess she came in the back door. I went back to bed!


Barbara said...

Your dog is a hoot.

Glad you enjoyed a great Mother's Day!!

Von said...

Your kids did a wonderful job choosing flowers!
I wish I could function as well as you do at 7 a.m. and earlier! I used to be much better than I am now and will have to be next school year as we're planning for Brendan to attend public high school. You're an inspiration to me. :D