Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gemini Exchange

Ohhhhh- I am quite excited. I received what I think is my Gemini exchange pressie today. Thank you , thank you Connie! Is there a protocol on this? Can I open it now, or do I have to wait for my birthday? I can at least open the card- right?
I tend to be a waiter on stuff like this. I like to be the last to open my christmas presents and I like to be surprised about what I am getting. But, I am not sure I can sit here and wait another 19 days to open this. If I don't do it now I will probably have to get up in the middle of the night ,some time next week, and rip it open. LOL !!


Barbara said...

Aaahhh - I was wondering when these would begin to show up!

As for waiting, I don't think I will possibly be able to wait once mine arrives - I'm a terrible waiter!!!

Annemarie said...

I would NOT be able to wait. If I were you, I'd just have a tiny peek at what's inside, and then put it back in the envelope and pretend you haven't looked at it...

Connie said...

Holy Cow Rachael! I cannot believe it made it to you in 3 days!!! That is absolutely a miracle!! (I mailed in on Friday the 5th!) And it looks like it is in good shape too! Hope you have as much fun enjoying the contents as I had picking them out!!! Have fun.

PS>>>>my vote, open now!!!

Von said...

Oh yes, Rachael! Go ahead and open it. Let's see what Connie got for you!