Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The promised peacock picture

Here is the long promised picture of our peacock. Every time I went out to take one, either he would disapear or it would start to rain. I think the only times it has not rained in the last 4 days is when I was at work or while I was in the shower. Anyway- he is lovely , isn't he!!
Michael is leaving for Brussels tomorrow and then on to The Congo on Friday morning We went to Munster this morning to have breakfast and do a bit of shopping. We were finished eating and moving on to the shopping bit when my phone rang and it was (surprise) Patrick's school. He had hurt his knee and needed to be picked up. Are cell phones a blessing or a curse?

Know he is laying on the couch with his knee iced and up ,but it doesn't look too bad and I assume that he will be okay buy tomorrow- or this afternoon if anyone calls with a good idea -like going to the swimming pool.
We have another four day weekend coming up and I plan to finish Barbara's RR- knit a sock, stitch and finish a scissor fob for an exchange and work on the newly started gift sampler. let's see what I say to this ambitious list next Wednesday.


Barbara said...

Your peacock is incredibly handsome. They're gorgeous birds. Glad he can get out again. Sorry to hear about the wounded knee - hope it will heal soon. And I can't wait to see my neighborhood!! Don't forget to post a picture!

Annemarie said...

Blogroll never informed me of your recent updates! Bad Blogger! Glad to have caught up, and sorry to hear Patrick hurt his knee, but I suppose it was just a question of time before something like this would happen, knowing your kids ;o)
Beautiful peacock, by the way! Does he make a lot of noise?

Mayté said...

Wowww The peacock is beautiful!! Thanks for you comment in my blog. I'm from Yorba Linda, Orange County, living in Spain since Sept 2000.

You have a great blog. I will come by often.

Happy stitching!!

Carol said...

Oh my - what a pretty peacock! I wish the wildlife in my yard was that elegant!!

Dianne said...

What a gorgeous creature! I have seen them in a few places-but probably at the zoo. Is it lucky or unlucky to have their pretty feathers in your house? ; )
Glad you have a great birthday!

Dianne said...

I hope Patrick is doing better. Sean's been bumping his shoulder and shinn lately too. I think boys are too quick.

Von said...

My goodness, your own peacock! They are beautiful, but I too would be leery of the noise they make. When I was young a family two long blocks away from us had a few and we sure heard their squawking - especially in the evening. Perhaps they had lots more of them than you have there. :D

Litla Skvís said...

Oh wow!!!!
I showed this picture to my daughter and she was so excited. Peacocks are her favorite!

lena-lou said...

Your peacock is magnificent my FIL has one at his country cottage that is called Oscar