Thursday, May 31, 2007

I really should be making dinner but...

I have tons to say and even more to show and I thought I should at least make a start. Monday was my birthday- and Tuesday our anniversary. I had a small party on Sunday evening and we celebrated "into" my birthday. The be-utiful red biscornu is from Carol- I was so thrilled to receive this. Carol does wonderful work and it is the first bisconu that I have seen in person. Fab- really!
My sister made me the napkins and the necklace and bracelet in the next picture. I am sort of addicted to cloth napkins ( this is very wierd and I should probably save it for one of thoes tag thingys) and she knows exactly my taste.
the next picture is the contents of the box my Mom sent- various bits that she new I would like. I was very "angetan" byt the mini sock blocker and sat down yeesterday evening and knit a sock for it. It only took an hour or so. Pictures in the next post :-)
In the last picture ar a necklace from Michael , some homemade strawberry jam from the neighbor , some silk ribbon, a necklace and ring from Anja and my Pandora bracelet. The Pandora bracelet is one where you collect different beads for it and the boys gave me a new one- hard see though.
I so have more news- about my back , stitching and socks but it wil have to wait as the natives are getting restless for their dinner.

Sorry - blogger messed with me and now the pictures are in the wrong order- but your smart- you'll figure it out.


BB said...

Hi Rachael, I hope you have lots of fun with your presents. I've abandoned my heart shaped sock at the moment as its too baggy. I think if you're going to knit it, maybe use 2mm's and don't do the lace pattern on the instep. I'm now starting a multicoloured sock for my sock swap partner so I'd better get started. Hope its good news with the back :o)

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Rachael :-)

tkdchick said...

Happy Birthday! You got some lovely presents!

Barbara said...

Much shame on me - I haven't even started your birthday gift, even though I did set aside a design to stitch quite some time ago. Sorry!!

It sounds like you've been busy and happy - I hope I'm right! Looking forward to hearing some more about how everything is going.

Lots of (late) birthday love!!

Dianne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Rachael! I just learned from Barbara that you had a birthday...and anniversary! I need to write down birthdays! Your gifts were great.