Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is what we gave our kids for Easter.

And this is what I get as a thank you :-0

We do have a rule at our house that goes " shoes on or socks off" , but is appears that if I am not on the spot to enforce it , my children simply ignore it. And no , my children do not wear hand knitted socks- otherwise I am afraid they would no longer be able to walk much less play basketball!


Barbara said...

We have the same rule, Rachael, and the same results. I need a 'foot cop' at the back door to check the little beasties every time they go out or come in. LOL!

Annemarie said...

My beastie is very well-trained, I think. He always goes barefoot. If he doesn't, he breaks out in a terrible sweat. Maybe you should introduce something like that inyour home. Although, looking at these socks... if they walked around in those for long, they actually were barefoot!

Von said...

An all too familiar sight, Rachael, lol! My boys go through socks like they drink milk! :D Reasonable thinking just isn't their strong suit, is it?!