Thursday, May 03, 2007

More ....

This is my God daughter Ciara at her first communion two weeks ago. I actually have better pictures , but I love the way her face looks in this one. I was actually standing about 8 feet away, on a low brick wall , with my camera held above my head and she was surrounded by adults. So this was just a luck shot. The communion was in The Netherlands and the service was very child friendly and sweet. And, it was the weekend before Michael left and so he was able to go with us. Very nice.
The boys wore suits for the first time - I wish I had a better picture - I hope someone else does. Next weekend we are going to a confirmation and they will have to get dressed up again. Maybe I can persuade Patrick to put on his tie , and I will try to get a better picture.

Barbara: Yes , I did get your note. Thanks and I too, am sorry we couldn't get together, but we will :-)

Annamarie: Yes, I have checked and will continue to check the passports- not only the dates ,but do I still have them?- They are all good for ages and yes, I do have them , but I am very nervous about the whole thing.

Carol and Su: Yes, I would please like to have Carol's RR when Su is done with it, but please don't mail for it to get here between 21 June and 4 August. There will probably be someone who can recive it , but I 'd rather be here mysef.

Hugs and thanks to everyone else for continuing to check and comment on my blog . I do appreciate it- more than you can imagine.

The next post will have the winner of the book suggestion contest!!


Annemarie said...

Wow, your two gentlemen are very handsome, Rachael. And Ciara is such a sweety. Ah yes, communion time in Limburg. Don't get much of that in our street. We're all northerners here!

LOL about the passports. This year, you will be fine, I just know it.

Barbara said...

Are you already making plans for your summer trip to the US??? (Can I tag along in your suitcase?)

Those are lovely pictures of the boys and your goddaughter!!

Carol said...

What a beautiful face!! I'll make sure Su knows what dates you will be away :-)

Dianne said...

What great photos! I too love to see teens dressed up once in a while. Ciara is precious too.
Glad you liked your cards enough to show them, I'm touched. : )