Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lovely presents

Last week , Michael saw this "Strandkorb" for sale and wrote me an email with the link and said that if I liked it I should order it. Wasn't that sweet!
I did and I did. It said it would take 10 working days to be delivered , but it only took a week - and there was a holiday in there! I was so surprised- and then Patrick put it together all by himself ( it came packed flat) and when I got home from work I could sit in it- isn't it cool?
You can see some of my newly potted plants there as well. Thats about the limit of my gardening- a few large pots with flowers- I regularly let them die ( the fl0wers) and buy new ones. You would think that being from California , I would remember to water.
May is always a big present month for me , mother's day, my birthday and our anniversary. I do like getting presents- deosn't everyone?
For mother's day I received a boquet of flowers and a "Tears for Fears" CD from my kids and from my one god daughter (Ciara) a self strung bead necklace on an elastic. I think there were a lot of these made and given this year :-) I wore mine all day and then hung it on the rearview mirror in my car. Sweet!
Does anybody know what "Strandkorb" is in English, not the literal translation , but what the thing is actually called?
On the health front: After a year and a half of dealing with my back problem , I am going to have a series of very slightly invasive procedures which will hopefully sove the problem - at least to large degree. The first is on Friday- wish me luck.


Barbara said...

Okay, I have all my fingers and toes crossed for your upcoming "slightly invasive procedures." What are you having done? I do really hope it works, you've suffered with the discomfort for far too long now.

I have no idea what a strandkorb is, but I want one now!!

Connie said...

I don't know what a strandkorb is in English, and I have never seen one of these before either, but I must say, it is a most interesting piece of furniture! I'm not sure they are selling any in the States yet. Does it fold down flat into a bed? Is it comfortable? What neat little touches having the foot rests and side tables! How great is that? Enjoy!!

Annemarie said...

Yikes. Good luck, Rachael! I hope everything goes well, and that you will be back to your old self very, very soon!
As for the Strandkorb: I can't believe you've got one!!!! We keep looking at them when we're in Germany, and we keep drooling over them, and we want one. But. Well, we don't live anywhere near a beach, and if we were to put it in our garden, there wouldn't be room to walk anymore!

Knitman said...

Good luck with your back.
I have never seen or heard of a Strandkrob either and am not at all sure i could get out of one if I sat in it!

Dianne said...

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your upcoming procedures.
I love your strandkorb. You can actually have it outside? I like how the little foot rests pull out and there is a place for a book or stitching project. ; )

Von said...

I've never seen anything like that before, Rachael!! Looks like it will be just the thing to get you to relax on your patio, so you'll remember to water your plants, lol!

Prayers and best wishes for the upcoming procedure.

BB said...

Hi Rachael, I'm back from the dam now but Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you managed some nice knit time to yourself too. Hope the surgery goes/went well and that you recover very quickly. The only thing I can think would be a sufficient translation of your strandkorb would be a 'german deckchair' We don't have them in the UK either and definately not Scotland. Don't think the sun shines long enough to justify them :o) Have fun in the korb

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love it!!!!

Tammy said...

I hope your procedure went well, and the ones to follow. The strandkorb is interesting, but it looks comfy!! Take care of yourself.

Tammy said...

HeeHee, I googled strandkorb and came up with this link from Wikipedia.

I think I need one now. :)

dorothee said...

Hey! Found your blog through the Socken-Kreativ-Liste.
My favorite German-English dictionary online ( offers "beach chair" or "roofed wicker beach chair" for Strandkorb. Hope that helps!