Saturday, March 18, 2006

Das Wochenende im Uberblick

In English- An overview of the weekend. I finished my third pair of socks yesterday. One is slightly larger than the other -gotta get one of those little counter doohickys. Aside from that this is the best pair so far. The heels look good and the knitting is even with no bobbles and best of all I did them all by myself. I am starting to understand the directions in the sock knitting pamphlet. Amazing. I think Cherly is bringing me a knitting book and a sock knitting book so maybe I will soon be able to knit socks with a pattern and not just your basic k2 p2 cuff and a stockinett stich rest. I would love to do some of the lace socks and beaded cuff socks I have seen out there.
Barbara's RR showed up this morning so even though I started another sock last night , her RR gos to the top of my list of projects. After that is to get my Sampler mailart going. Then come the socks, the heart wall hanging, several Chatelains etc.... I think I need to give up my job to keep up with all my stitching :-) But then how will I pay for it. A teufels kreis (devil's circle) if I ever had one.

Everyone else here is still asleep. I think they are waiting for the repeat of the qualifying for the formula one race to begin before they show thier faces. This will give me a chance to start pulling flosses for Barbara' s RR.
Other than that - Michael is home. Maarcus is here for the weekend and it's not raining and I think my bread came out okay. So life is good!


Barbara said...

Hi Rachael! I'm glad that my RR arrived and I hope you'll have a lot of fun stitching on it. I'm now in possession of Annemarie's and am very eager to start!

Dianne said...

Now I realize why I dropped out of German class in junior high school. That's a difficult language. My friend who had German relative stayed with it all through high school. Guess you need to hear it spoken.
Love your socks! They are so colorful. I sure hope I get your RR tomorrow or the next day. I'm ready, RR sister.

Annemarie said...

You're getting really good at this sock-knitting thing, aren't you? They look great. Maybe I should get my needles out again. I'm translating a novel about a yarn shop owner, and it's quite infectious to read about knitting in my book and in your blog!