Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weekend update

Here is a picture of our sweet Nala . Her Birthday was on Friday and she turned 11 years old. She is a wonderful pet and companion and we love her very much.
The rest of the weekend was pretty average.
Patrick had a friend to stay and I took all of the kiddies to Munster on Saturday. We all had a wander and then I spent an hour in Starbucks with my Chai Tea Latte and a book. This does wonders for my equilibrium and getting me through the rest of the week.

My needlework goal for the weekend was to finish this pair of socks and the picture is the proof that I did :-) It is only my second pair and before socks I had only knit a scarf ,so I think they came out pretty good. They are meant for my Mom and although the foot looks really long , they are a 39 and should fit her perfectly. The two socks are not the same color rapaport , but the story of why not is long and boring so I will skip it. Rest asured I will not make this mistake again. My Mom loves the color red so I think she will enjoy these and they will keep her feet nice and warm next winter.

The Hyacinth is my attempt at bringing a little spring into the house. I love the way they look and smell , but after two days, I discovered that the burning eys and sneezing fits that I was suffering ,were only happening in the family room. I had an" aha "moment and moved the flowers to the dining room where I don't spend much time and the symptoms went away. Bummer that I can't have them upstairs , but nice that I made the connection fairly quickly!

Snow , Snow, go away and come again another day.
Rachael wants to put on her sandels and go out and play.


Anne said...

Its that a black labrador I see. He looks like my dog back in Australia, he is called Jonty. Happy Stitching

Annemarie said...

Happy birthday Nala!
I was a bit jealous of your visit to Starbucks. I only recently discovered that Aachen has a Starbucks, but I've never been! Well, I've since been to Aachen, but Pelle never seems to enjoy himself when we're there, so our visits mainly consist of dashes to Mayersche Buchhandlung and back home before he wakes up!
Great socks: your mum will love them!

Barbara said...

Love those socks, and I'm sure your mom will, too! Happy birthday to lovely Nala.

bunnyhead said...

I love the socks (and they look like a perfectly matched pair to me!). And you have just given me a Starbucks craving! LOL

Carol said...

Oh your hyacinths and daffodils are making me crazy for warmer weather - only 15 days until spring! Woo Hooo!!!!! Cute socks too!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Nala!

Dianne said...

What a gorgeous dog! She looks well loved by her comfy bed and silky coat.
Love the socks-they are colorful! Are they wool? I have some slipper socks made out of wool that I adore because my feet stay so warm.
The Philly flower show is this week and you should smell that place! Not sure if I will get to go (I don't travel solo into the city.

Cheryl in VA said...

Congradulations on the socks. They look just fine. I am still working on my snuggly shawl. Well Rick has just finished putting the books in the new library, so I shall take a picture and have him send them from his puter to mine so I can post them here.