Friday, March 10, 2006

A plea to all parents

I just mopped my floors- and my son walked across the hall with dirty boots before it was even dry. Truly- I am not sure it is worth it. LOL- ya gotta laugh or cry and I prefer to laugh- most of the time!
I am back to working on my RR so that I can mail it out on Wednesday at the latest. It will go in a padded envelope , registered mail ,air etc... I had taken a break from stitching on it because I couldn't find a peacock that I liked. I love the fact that we have peacocks on our farm and it was terribly important to me that I have one on my RR. I found just the right one this morning,with some help from Dani. Thank you Dani!!!
I have it almost stitched , although it is slow going today. I have a headache that keeps going and coming. Headache and over one stitching are not mutually condusive.

Thanks for the encouraging words for Patrick on his nerve removal. He had no problems at all. He went to both appointment on his bike and came home happy as a clam (can clams be happy?) ,the second time with the nerve sealed in a little plastic bag thing. It is sitting in front of me. Do you know what a tooth nerve looks like? Do you want to know? Shall I post a picture? I thought not. I think I was wrong in calling what he had a root canal. He HAS had a root canal on the other front tooth though. I am 41 years old and never had a root canal or a nerve removed from a tooth. How can a thirteen year old have had both?

On to my" plea to all parents". As you may know I give English lessons. I have discovered that there are children out there ,over the age of 10 ,who do not know how to look up a word in the dictionary. So , if you have a child who can read , please get out a dictionary and make sure your child knows how to do this. Even if you are pretty sure they can , give them a refresher course. I t will make their school lives soooo much easier. I am declaring theis weekend - International use the dictionary weekend.
Have a good one!!!


Barbara said...

Yes, I've been teaching Max how to use the table of contents, index, and a dictionary. What do they teach the kids at school?

I hope you have good dental insurance!! LOL

Annemarie said...

International Use the Dictionary Week. Now that is one brilliant idea. As a prefessional dictionary user, I applaud your incentive ;o)
Poor, poor Patrick. He must be very brave. I had a root canal when I was pregnant with Pelle. The dentist refused to give me local anaesthetic because of my pregnancy, so he just went ahead and got the drill out! Yikes!

Von said...

Yes, we all need to use our dictionaries. I just find it so much easier in our household to punch in!

Susimac said...

Also if they don't learn as children - do you know how many adults can't use one either, some of the guys I work with are hopeless. Glad Patrick is ok.

Dianne said...

Good to hear about Patrick and his root canal being a success. I didn't get to keep any of my roots, but I know they are long.
When I was a kid, I used the dictionary all the time, from 2nd grade on. Now we have an electronic dictionary that I keep next to the computer. That doesn't even have all the words that I use (ha), so I look up a word on Google if I have a question. And we do have the paperback dictionary here too.