Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Is it a full moon or what?

Here is a picture of my friend Wilma, whose birthday it is today and her daughter Leonie whose god mother I am.

I am in a very wierd mood- not good. Is it a full moon? I guess I could google it or find a calender that tells me. Most of the calenders in my house are not for this year- I just keep the ones that have pictures that I like. I keep them on the right month , but the wrong year is the wrong year- there is just no getting around it. I do have a date book to keep my appointments , but as I work with school kids , I use a school date book. One that runs from September to September and this one has no moon schedual. Anyway -wierd mood stuff- does anyone besides me have trouble with the word verification thing on Blogger- or Yahoo for that matter? Sometimes I just can't decide what the letters are . Is that an l or an i , a v or a u? I often have to try twice and at least once, three times to post my comments. The other thing that happens is I think the letters look like they should be Dutch words, I sit here an d look at them and wonder what they might mean! I don't really belive this and I have a dutch dictionary if I really wanted to look a word up , but I am afraid the thought alone makes me a bit wierd.

Patrick (who else) is having another tooth episode. The tooth that he broke off at xmas 2004 ,decided to go wonky. The nerve got infected and had to be removed. Otherwise known as a root canal. This involved two days of missed school due to pain (before the root canal, since he had it done he is fine). Two visits to the dentist , so far, we're not finished yet, and numerous phone calls , notes, and rearanging of scheduals. Just the usual crazy goings on.


Barbara said...

Happy birthday to your friend Wilma, who has the friendliest shade of red hair there is. The midwife who delivered Rowen has that same color red - I love it.

As for weirdness, full moons, and word verification - you are not alone! ;-)

Dianne said...

Ha-it's only 70% of a full moon. I have a moon phase link on my blog.
Wilma was my mother-in-law's name. Little Leonie is precious.
Maybe it's something in the water?

Dianne said...

PS-Tell Patrick I've had two root canals and they aren't as bad as they sound.

Von said...

Really got a kick out of your weird mood today. :D You are so lucky those teenagers are boys and not girls - then you'd really know about weirdness, full moons, and PMS, lol!
I have the same trouble with blogger sometimes - but not with the dutch part. :)

Rachael said...

Barbara- I will tell Wilma what you said about her hair- She is a nurse.
Dianne- I saw the moon phase link on your Bolg after I wrote this entry. I think I need to get one. but I am not having much success adding bits to my Blog.
Von- I think your right girls would be worse, but girls are fun too. You get to do the whole pink dresses and hairbows thing.