Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More and new stash

I have a new hobby- sock knitting. One of the best, or worst things about this is that it gives me an excuse to buy more and different stash. Sock yarn is incredibly cool. It comes in all sorts of different color combinations. Solids, self striping, melange. All kinds of stuff out there. Plus while it seems there are not quite as many notions used for kniting as for cross stitching, I am starting from scratch, so still lots of stashing to be done. You can even buy ivory colored, plastic knitting needles that are flecked with gold. Very pretty -although I think I like the 50s style, colored aluminium ones better.
Don't worry , I am not about to stop cross stitching, but I have never been good at taking my stitching with me. I seem to need my space to stitch in ,but socks are easy "on the go". Giving me something for Dr.'s offices and vacations. I am always amazed at people who can sit patiently and wait to be called in a waiting room. I am not good at waiting and without a book or a project, I go nuts. The only place I am able to sit and stare at nothing is on an airplane-and that is because I take "medication" to get me through the flight.

A small change on my blog- I have a counter-YEA. I signed up and filled everything out by myself but then couldn't get the HTML code thingy in the right place etc.. on the Blog. While my husband was here on the weekend ,I asked him to have a look at it. I showed him where I had inserted the code and he looked at me with a strange expresion on his face and asked why I had put it THERE. I had no good answer other than I figured I could always change it. He shook his head ,either sadly or in wonderment at my logic and fixed it for me. I wouldn't want him to think I could get away without him :-)


Barbara said...

Ah yes, I've seen that expression on Niek's face, too. Where would we be without them? LOL

Have fun with your new hobby!

Cheryl in VA said...

I will warn you, this knitting thing is deadly. You should see how much I have aquired in a very short amount of time.

Dianne said...

LOL as I'm the one who knows the html coding in my family, maybe Sean a little. It does take experience.
I've never knitted that much, but I guess if you got the hang of it it would be fun!
Teach Barbara. : )

Von said...

Wandering down the yarn rows at the craft store can almost tempt me into knitting. But I already have other hobbies, besides stitching, that I regularly purchase supplies for. DH would not be happy with me, lol!

Annemarie said...

Rachael, I'm exactly the same: I learned how to knit a year and a half ago, and always take my knitting with me when we're travelling by car or train! I use circular needles (since all I knit are bags) and they don't take up much space. My cross stitching and knitting phases compliment each other perfectly! And oh my, the stash...

Susimac said...

Knitting is good, very theraputic. LOL!! I can imagine DH face, mine does the same at me sometimes, but I have to be the computer 'expert' in our house, so I am dumb on other things.

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