Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Well, My resoloutin to walk this week hasn't happend yet. Sunday night, I got up to go tho the bathroom and on my way back to bed I sliped and bashed my shin on the wooden side of the bed. It hurt so bad I thought I had broken my leg. Of course I hadn't . I lay in bed freezing, shivering and wondering what to do , but finaly fell asleep again. It still hurts, but I think I can probably walk tomorrow. Today - as always on Tuesdays, I just don't have time. What I don't understand is how I could slip, I was barefoot on the carpet and I distinctly remember the feeling of my left foot starting to slide out from under me- wierd.
I have made some progress on Peacock Cypher and will try to post a pic this evening.
A happy valentine's day to all.


Annemarie said...

Uuugh, Rachael, that doesn't sound good at all! Seems to me you should put your feet up for the next couple of days and do some stitching. Hope you recover soon!

Carol said...

Oh my - I hope your leg gets better soon! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Cheryl in VA said...


Mom said...

Hey Rachael,
Happy Valentines day to you, too. I hope the weather is good, it's beautiful here ,although it's supposed to get wintery again, That's California wintery for those of you in the "cold zone".Get your leg better soon,
Love ya

Von said...

Sorry about your accident, Rachael!! Weird things like that seem to happen in the middle of the night, maybe cuz our brains just aren't entirely in gear. :D Take care of your leg now - time in your stitching chair is definitely called for!