Friday, February 17, 2006

Rainy Days

OOps- forgot to turn the picture and now I can't figure out how. Anyway, a little progress on Peacock Cypher . I love these blues. I know when I write comments on other people's work, I often remark on the colors. The color seems to be what draws me to any project. I do like certain subjects and styles, but color is most important.

Yesterday I managed a good walk , I even got Alexander to come with me. Of course he wanted to listen to his ipod . So we had a companionable walk together. He with the the music on his ipod and me with my book on my MP3 player.
I also got my new cell phone yesterday- a pink razor. I wasn't actually planning to get a new phone . I was quite happy with my old one. My contract ran up this month though and they just brought out the pink phone on the German maket and I had to have one. See, it's that color thing again- I had to have it because it was PINK.


Annemarie said...

I'm glad to hear that your leg is better., Well, I'm assuming it's better since you had a nice long walk with your son and your audiobook. I love audiobooks. The only way to read and stitch at the same time!

Von said...

I love the colors in PC! Color is very important and I had to chuckle about your phone story. :D
Audio books are just wonderful. My dh gets lots from the library and they're especially great on a road trip.

Carol said...

Super pretty Rachael!!! I stitched this one last year as my at work project - at one point it felt a bit tedious doing all those monochromatic blues, but in the end I think it was all worth it! I still need to get it framed. I look forward to watching more of your progress!