Saturday, February 18, 2006

Alexander and I took a trip to town today to buy socks, underwaer and sport shoes for Alexander and a frame for Peacock cypher. We were succesful with Alexander's bits plus we managed to spend some money at the book store-we always manage this!! I bought a wood frame and some turquiose and silver paint . Unfortunitly I forgot to take PC with me and the frame is a bit bigger than I would like. I think I will try and find another one and save this one for something else.
We had a bit of a shock as we couldn 't drive into the middle of town . There was a Demo and the place was full of police. There were actally two demos going on, a "radical right "and then an "anti right" The whole thing was a little scary, but apparently it all stayed fairly peacefull.

Now, I have four beasties here for the night, each of mine have a friend over to spend the night. They have had their dinner and wil probably computer half the night. They are all good kids though and I enjoy having them all here.
I just have to figure out what I am going to feed them all for breakfast :-)


Carol said...

Mike and I ran into something similar a couple of years ago. We took a cruise out of New York to Florida and the Bahamas. After a day in Orlando, we were to go to Miami for a day. But due to a demo of some sort, we had to dock at Fort Lauderdale. We wanted to go to Miami! So, we rented a car and drove to Miami... and could get nowhere after we got there! Oh well, at least we tried. But it was not very scary, though - the police expected it - it was some sort of trade talks or something political I cannot wrap my head around - but the ride was nice and we saw a little bit of the infamous South Beach...and, here I am babbling!

Barbara said...

Rachael, just wanted to pop over and thank you so much for your wonderful pick-me-up phonecalls!!