Monday, February 20, 2006


I was reading on Annemarie's Blog about how they were fixing up Jula's office , schlepping new book cases from Ikea and moving the old ones to Annemarie's office. While it sounds like a lot of work , it also sounds like fun. I tend to stay away from Ikea as much as possible because I know if I go in, I will come out with huge amounts of stuff. How can you pass buy those Napkins- what a great price- good enough to buy at least two packages!!! I can fill the back of my van this way. The point of this Blog entry is not Ikea though-It is books.

Books are my favorite inantimate object. They have been as long as I can remember. I spend way too much money buying books and way too much time reading. I am passionate about what I like and what I don't like to read. I hate to lend out my books-although I do. I 'd rather people borrow almost anything else. I am cavalier about my car, my mascara, my floss- you need it, go ahead. But my books, (big sigh) of course you can borrow it . She says, crying inside. A life long wish of mine had been to have a wall of bookshelves filled with books. The picture is of my "wall". Sorry the picture is so bad but the room is long and narrow and to get a better pictue I would have had to go outside and take it through a window. I am not even sure that would work because the windows are so deep. If it was nice outside I might have tried it , but as it is raining you just have to live with the slanty picture. The bookshelves are from Ikea. I bought them when we moved into this house five and a half years ago. The color was being discontinued so while I got them for a very good price, I had to hit three different Ikeas in two different countries, to find them all, but as I was driving around anyway it was no problem. The bookshelves together are around three meters long and I even have the extensions on them to make them taller. Almost every shelf has a double row of books and most of them have books stacked lengthwise on top as well. Sometimes, if I am having a bad day, just going downstairs and inspecting my books makes me feel better. If you are thinking- that's not so many books- don't worry, I have more :-) This is just the BIG bookself.

A while back I was at Ikea (where else) with a friend and bought a bookshelf (what else) from the 'Fund Grube" this is the corner where they have things that have been on display etc.. and they are marked down somewhat. My friend seemed quite astonished that I would but something quite so large without consulting my husband and asked what I thought his reaction would be. I answered that he might be interested in where I thought to put the thing, but I had underestimated him. When he saw my purchase his only comment was- "You only bought one?" He knows me too well. I relly need to buy a couple of new ones because my book shopping never stops , but I am going to have to rearrange some other furniture first.


bunnyhead said...

Now that is a lot of books! I made a pact with myself a few years ago to only collect hardback books, then I don't buy so many, no one wants to borrow them and they will last forever!

Cheryl in VA said...

And these bookshelves make great room dividers!!! You would never guess that those shelves are the outside of a pantry closet. We have also chatted on the possibility of using them to create a wall in order to make a guest room.
Oh by the way, I personally (being a very good friend of Rachael's) have experience the ....whine of 'do you really need to borrow that book???'. I wasn't even going to leave the house with it. (hee hee hee)

Von said...

What do you think the home of two book lovers who homeschool looks like, lol!!

Annemarie said...

Ah, this all sounds very familiar. And shall I tell you something REALLY awful? I used to work in a bookshop (I was the manager of the English department and children's books) and got my books with a 20% discount. Now I just buy everything and anything on the internet.

Rachael said...

oh Annemarie- that sounds like my dreamjob. Burt yes we order most of our books of the internet. My kids know how the one-click order by Amazon works.