Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend report

Here is a picture of Patrick's pre-birthday party. His birthday is tomorrow and it is considered bad luck in Germany to celebrate before the actual day , but some things just can't be helped. Michael was home for the weekend and we had Markus here. Another of Patricks friends dropped by and what was just meant to be lunch with cake turned into a mini party! We sang "Happy Birthday " and Patrick blew out the candles and cut into the cake. He was armed with the silver cake knife from our wedding and a plastic Pokeman cake server -I think it is a left over from his tenth birthday. He cut everyone huge pieces but managed not to drop any on the table. We are saving the presents for tomorrow morning. He wants to wake me at 5:30 am but I have managed to convince him to wait until at least 6:00- I am not a morning person.
The rest of the weekend was quiet. I worked on the Just Nan and the heart wall hanging.

We did take the kids to the movies on Saturday evening. We saw "Dick and Jane" . Anyone else? The kids really enjoyed it. I am an evil Mom who asks questions after movies- Did you like it? What did you like the most? What did you like the least? etc...So I know they think about what they watch. Michael and I enjoyed it as well , but neither of us is that fond of Jim Carrey . I actually think that he is a good actor-and he dresses really well (LOL) but I dislike those "Jim Carrey " faces and movements. They seemed unnecessary. I also had to explain the Dick, Jane, and Spot references to my husband and the kids. I am sure most people in the audience didn't "get" it either but it didn't detract form the film. The kids didn't get the Enron references and it was way more than I wanted to explain at that time of night. I think I will have to convince them to watch the news once in a while. Nice to get out- It was our second trip to the movies in two weeks- more than we had seen in the last six months.

Now I am off to put the beasties to bed and work a bit more on The Peacock cypher.


Barbara said...

Wow. Going out. Going out to the movies. Going out to the movies with your family. Wow.

We took Max to a Dutch kids' movie when Nicky was a newborn, and since then Niek's taken him to a couple of films, but we haven't yet dared try with the whole troupe. Congratulations!

And best wishes to your handsome son on his birthday. You've done a great job - your kids seem so great!!

Annemarie said...

Hey Rachael, sounds like you had a great time! Did you have to sit through the movie in German, or was it the English version? I hope you got some work done on your Heart wall hanging and your peacock (both of which look absolutely fabulous!)