Friday, February 24, 2006

Alexander's Haircut

Yes, I have been cutting the kids hair since they were babies. When my DH and I got married in the States, he went off to Super Cuts to get a trim and he was appaled to pay12$ for an electric razer run over his head. He didn't have a lot of hair to begin with :-) So, we bought a hair cutter thingy and I have been cutting his hair ever since. When the kids came along it just made sense to cut their hair as well. I am afraid the short style can not be contributed 100% to military influence-although that is definitly part of it- but it is also the only haircut I knowhow to do. Luckly it looks good on my kids and husband. Cut the hair short all over and then trim the around the ears and the back of the neck , finished. People ask me to cut their kids hair all the time and I am happy to, but they have to take "the haircut" . It's all thats on offer.
To cut the hair of an 18 month old- Make sure they're in a good mood, take off all their clothes exept for their diaper, set them in their highchair, have someone on hand to distract the child and take pictures, if the weather permits do it outside then you can just hose off the high chair, use an electric hair cutter with a length gage/gard. The person in charge of the camera should be prepared to whisk the child off and under the shower as soon as the haircut is finished as the part they hate the most is the tiny cut hairs tickling them. If you are doing the summer version outside, you can always hose off the kiddo as well as the high chair. I never used the scissors on my kids until they were old enough to sit still. The electic cutter means you can control the length and you can not accidentaly cut the child while you are dancing around them trying to get to their hair.. A must.


Von said...

Good advice here for anyone attempting to cut children's hair!
Wish my boys wanted that kind of cut again - it was sooooo easy and with four boys I'm all about easy, lol!
Laughed about just doing the one kind of haircut. I have made up bouquets for four weddings, but I just do the one style - if you like that style I'm more than happy to make 'em! :D

Annemarie said...

Heehee, that's exactly what I do, Rachael! I keep Pelle's hair at 9 milimeters, and I use the razor-thingy every two weeks or so. Thankfully, it looks very good on him. His head was made for very short cuts. I wouldn't know how to give him another 'look' either. He doesn't mind the razor, though he has a lot of trouble sitting still at the best of times. Even watching the Teletubbies is an excercise of gymnastic proportions...