Sunday, February 12, 2006

A working weekend.

Well- it was one of those weekends. Michael actually came home late Thursday night. He had flown from Koln to Potsdam in the morning and then back to Koln in the afternoon and then drove home. A lot of traveling but I think he was glad to have an extra night here.
Patrick went to visit the same friend who came to visit here last weekend. It was his first train trip all by himself. Things are so different here than in the states. My advice to Patrick was "Don't talk to strangers" etc.. and Michae'ls was-"Be polite to adults" It shows how differently Michael and I grew up. I am a real city girl and Michael grew up in a gentler time and place.
After we put Patrick on the train, Michael ,Alexander and I went and had our Starbucks- our little weekend treat.
Then we went home and watched the opening of the Olympics. Well, Alexander and I watched and made snippy comments and Michael read and tried to ignore us. We actually liked most of the show, there was ,as there always is, some "interesting" stuff ,like the women growing out of tables , with cages on their heads and the ballet segment . I really liked the rope climbers that made themselves into a dove and the dancers that made a moving picture of a ski jumper- very cool. And, you can't go wrong with Peter Gabriel singing John Lenon.
Most of our snippy remarks were for the athletes clothing. Some of the outfits were sooooo bad and not improved by the fact that they were being worn by a number of people. Our biggest laughs were reserved for the Germans who wore neon green and orange. The women wore those knitted caps with the braided bits hanging down the sides. We actually lay on the floor laughing. Now, I like those hats and almost bought one the other day and would deffinitly wear one if liked the color/design etc.. But in those colors and on that many people - OMG. The cut of the jackets was better than almost any other countries , but we just couldn't get past the colors.
The Swedish mittens that were blue with a yellow cross on the palms came in a close second on our laugh-o-meter.

Saturday morning came too early ,as my husband could not remember when the lease on his car ran out, nor could he remember where he put the leasing contract ( now you can all laugh at us) . The good thing about this was that it forced him to spend some time going through a bunch of cr*p and throwing tons of paper out. We actually burned a lot and this lead to a trip to the dump, with a neighbor, which got rid of some old furniture that had been growng mold in our garage. While Michael was at the dump, I remembered where I had seen the leasing contract (yea) . But we continued to tidy , took magazines to the paper collection bin, made a trip to the home repair store , bought a light bulb, a new lamp for Alexanders bedroom and a couple of spring plants. The light bulb and lamp were installed (miracle of miracles) , laundry done and in between we watched the Olympics- I am addicted to stuff like this -I like to watch the Tour-de France too.
Today I had an adventuresome day that consisted of more Olympics, more laundry, lots of ironing, sweeping and more dejunking, but almost no stitching. Bummer.
Patrick made it home safe and sound , for those who were worried :-) I played a game of Chinese checkers with the boys after Michael left and thay managed to get into a fight after the third round of moves- back to normal.
Michael won't be home for four weeks- this explains some of the mad ironing- he needed to take a lot of clothing with him. One week in Koln and then, next Saturday, he flys to Sweden for three weeks, maybe he can find some of those mittens to bring back as souvenires. What do ya think? The good thing abouot this is I should have lots of stitching time in the next four weeks- the bad things aren't going to get better by being discussed-so I won't.

My goal for this week is to start walking again.


Von said...

Loved your comments about the Olympic games opening ceremony, lol! I missed the part where all the athletes came in. But did enjoy the climbers forming the dove. Re clothing - I adored the ensemble the women carrying the Olympic flag wore, very classic! Couldn't figure out why Susan Sarandon was chosen to help carry the flag tho??

Annemarie said...

Is this what they call spring cleaning? It must have been exhausting to work so hard, and with the prospect that Michael will be gone for four whole weeks, too!
I don't like to watch the Olympics, I'm sorry, but I AM looking forward to the Tour De France, that's the only sport event I watch, along with (sometimes) snooker.
I hope the weeks without Michael will just fly, and that you will be able to get a lot of stitching done. Good luck!

Rachael said...

Von- we discussed the Susan Sarandon thing too but decided they had a 'strong women" theme going.

Annemarie- No need to be sorry:-) watching anything on TV is a "to each his own "situation. I normally don't watch sport on TV either. Just big events. When I was a child ,I went to quite a lot of live sports events , watching them on tv seems kind of lame. I wish that what I did on the weekend qualified as spring cleaning. I am afraid that spring cleaning is going to have to involve big buckets of water, windows, and some stinky stuff that strips the floor tiles. maybe a carpet cleaning too- it is time. But, I am going to wait untill it gets nice enough to leave the windows open all day.