Friday, February 03, 2006

No time to stitch

Busy , Busy, No time to stitch. I feel like I have spent the last three days on the phone. It was wonderful to talk to some people that I had been out of touch with for entirely to long. Kim, Moni, Alina, my Dad Love you all.
I managed to get most of what I need to start my wall hanging- maybe I can work on that tomorrow. Took Patrick to the orthodontist- AGAIN.
Saw the Dr. this morning as I am still coughing. He offered to send me to a lung specialist, but I declined , at least for a couple more weeks. I had visions of cat scans and blood tests , all to tell me that it will get better by itself in a couple of weeks. In the meantime he gave me an inhaler. One with cortizone that people usually use for Athsma. I hope that it will do the trick and soon my cough will be gone.
My younger son has a house guest this weekend . Markus , who we have known since he was born but haven't seen for over a year. We are quite happy to see him and I hope that the two of them have a great time. It is amazing to think that when we met Kim and Jim , Patrick and Markus weren't more than the proverbial twinkel in their fathers eyes. And now, Markus took a two hour train trip, by himself, for a weekend visit. They grow up too fast!!
Everyone seems to be busy and content at the moment so I think I will take advantage andl go sit in my stitching chair and try and get something done.


Barbara said...

The inhaler should work, or at least help!

The kids do grow up fast, don't they? The time just leaps and bounds by us. sigh

Von said...

Rachael, hope the inhaler does the trick and you're feeling healthy again soon :)
Enjoy the weekend with your son's friend - altho you probably won't see much of him except at meals, lol! At least that seems to be the way it is with my teens.

Annemarie said...

The inhaler worked miracles for my cough, and very soon, too, so I hope you'll feel better soon.
And as for stitching... Ah yes, I remember that. Something to do with needle and thread, isn't it?
Hope you have a great weekend, and that the kids enjoy themselves.